Magnesium Oil – Applications

Transdermal magnesium applicationsMagnesium oil is not an oil as such, but a highly concentrated magnesium chloride solution which has an oily feel when applied. Transdermal magnesium therapy is the best way to introduce magnesium to the body, since the skin has a well-known function to absorb various substances. Magnesium ions are easily absorbed by the skin. This is the easiest, most practical way to replenish magnesium levels, and a solution for those who cannot absorb sufficient magnesium through their digestive system (meaning most of us, because our gut gets clogged up over the years).

Here are the most popular and practical methods to apply magnesium oil:

  • Bath – use about 300ml of magnesium oil or 300g of magnesium flakes in very warm water before bed time for ultimate relaxation, relief of aches, pains, to promote sleep, replenish magnesium levels, and more.
  • Foot bath – add about 150ml of magnesium oil or 200g of magnesium flakes or Epsom salt to a very warm foot bath – for a similar effect.
  • Body spray – spray magnesium oil all over the body after a bath or a shower. It will form a saline film on the body allowing the mineral to be absorbed by the skin over a long period of time. This will ensure a profound long-term effect. If the salt solution is too strong making the skin feel uncomfortable – dilute it with water in a 1:1 ratio.
  • Magnesium massage – similar effect to spraying, with an added benefit of a massage which will soften the skin allowing the product to be absorbed even more readily. Ultimate relaxation. You can have it at home or book it with us if you live in London.
  • Compress : Warm up some water, add magnesium flakes or Epsom salt to it (1:4 ratio). The solution needs to be fairly hot. Dip a piece of cloth in the solution, apply on a problem area (for inflammations use a cold solution). Wrap up with a clingfilm and a thick cloth over it. A compress an be left for 1-2 hours or overnight if feeling comfortable.
  • Gargle, mouth wash: mix with warm water (1:3 ratio), gargle or rinse mouth in cases of an infection.
  • Body wraps: use in body wraps to relieve aches, pains, stress, boost circulation, metabolism, help with weight loss. Learn how to do a magnesium body wrap at home.


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