How to Make Your Own Magnesium Oil

How to make your own magnesium oilThere are quite a few magnesium oil products on the market, and prices vary wildly. I have come across a 100ml magnesium oil in a spray bottle at £14 per piece.

Having considered it, I thought that learning how to make your own magnesium oil might be quite useful. So here is the recipe which uses approximate quantities but it works anyway as I have learned from my own experience.

Mix 2 parts of Zechstein magnesium flake with 1 part of hot spring water, place the solution it in a spray bottle. Use as required.

Although the product which you get will not be of the same high quality you’d get by buying magnesium oil produced at a factory, this is a way to benefit from transdermal applications when you are either not in a position to spend too much money or need to use it urgently and have magnesium flakes at home.  Be creative and enjoy the benefits of magnesium for considerably less!

If you have sensitive skin and are prone to rashes, make the solution weaker to suit your skin type. You can also use some coconut oil before applying magnesium oil.


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