Magnesium Therapy Helps Asthmatics

Dr John Briffa says:

“Magnesium therapy was tried in a study published recently in the Journal of Asthma [1]. In it, 55 adults with mild-moderate asthma were treated with magnesium (170 mg, twice a day) or placebo over a period of 6.5 months. Individuals had their lung function tested using peak expiratory flow (the maximum speed air can be expelled from the lungs) as well as something known as the methacholine challenge test. Metacholine causes constriction of airways. In this test, subjects breath in metacholine and the dose of this drug required to induce constriction in the airways. The higher the dose of metacholine required, the less ‘reactive’ the airways would be judged to be.

Compared to those taking placebo, those taking magnesium saw significant improvement in both their peak expiratory flow rate and metacholine challenge results”

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