Get More Magnesium, Get Smarter

The US National Institute of Health recommends adults get 300-420 mg of magnesium each day depending on gender. It’s found in leafy greens, fruits, nuts, and whole grains. Yet most of us probably don’t get these daily doses. Even when you do get magnesium in your diet, it may not get to your brain in sufficient quantities to boost mental function. Your body has to actively ‘pump’ magnesium into your cerebrospinal fluid. You can’t just increase the amount of magnesium in your blood, you have to make it easier to get to the brain.

That’s why Guosong Liu and others involved in the rats study developed MgT. Back in 2004, Liu and fellow researchers published work detailing how that magnesium may positively affect the cognitive abilities of rats. That work led them to try and find a chemical compound with magnesium that is more easily ‘pumped’ into the cerebrospinal fluid. The compound turned out to be MgT, and its effects on rats are amazing.

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