Magnesium – The Nutrient That Could Change your Life


It is only recently that scientists have definitely established the existence of magnesium deficiency in man. For years medical reports stated that a person could obtain enough magnesium from food to keep his bones and cells healthy. Yet the more researchers learned about this mineral, the more they have come to realize that much ill health is due to existing magnesium deficiencies. Furthermore, they now know that since most people never eat enough of the magnesium-rich foods (nuts, seed foods, and green vegetables), the deficiency may well be universal.

the actions of nerves and muscles are impaired. Convulsions, dizziness, muscular weakness, weak teeth and bones, and nervous irritability have all been cited as features of magnesium deficiency. There are other conditions where magnesium deficiency may also be present yet difficult to detect because the overt symptoms are missing or masked.

The editor and staff of  magazine have long been aware of the importance of magnesium in human nutrition. They have been greatly concerned because the public was serenely confident that it was getting enough of this valuable mineral. Time and time again they have called attention to the fact that this is not so. Now that the essentiality of this mineral and its widespread deficiency are both recognized, the time has come to put before the public the many vital metabolic roles of this one mineral and how to make certain you benefit by them.

If you want to understand the essential metabolic function of magnesium, to learn how a lack of this mineral nutrient affects the vital organs, and, most important of all, to learn how to prevent a deficiency in your own body, read on! The authors have drawn on voluminous research and years of study about this vital mineral to prepare this book for you. Their hope is that after reading it you will understand the relation of magnesium to physical and mental health, be aware of the symptoms of a magnesium deficiency and, first and foremost, be able to ensure an adequate supply of this essential mineral to your own body.

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