Could Magnesium Slow Down Ageing?

Could Magnesium Slow Down Ageing? A photo of a woman's face.In his book “Holy Water, Sacred Oil”, Dr Norman Shealy documents about 90 health matters that are immediately related to magnesium deficiency. In addition, Dr Shealy draws a strong correlation between magnesium levels and DHEA levels. He has also determined that when the body is presented with adequate levels of magnesium at the cellular level, the body will begin to naturally produce DHEA.

Since DHEA comprises the basic bio-marker for ageing, the long-term use of large doses of magnesium in an available form will significantly bring up DHEA levels and thus produce true Age Reversal results. Dr Shealy refers to DHEA as the Master Hormone. Adequate levels of DHEA cause the production of all of the other hormones. The depletion of hormones is connected with a lot of symptoms of ageing. Stimulating a return to healthy and well-balanced levels of these hormones can give rise to a recovering of youthful energy. Indeed, through the application of magnesium oil, middle-aged women have described complete reprieve from menopausal symptoms and some have even returned to their menstrual cycle.

Dr Shealy has stated that once anyone starts regular use of Magnesium Oil, the ageing process has arrested and true age reversal has begun. As we have stopped ageing, time is no longer working against us. This institutes an unbelievable peace of mind and body.

Note: DHEA supplements should be taken with care since they have a number of side-effects.

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