“New Paradigms In Diabetic Care” by Dr Mark Sircus

I am now reading a book by Dr Mark Sircus – “New Paradigms in Diabetic Care”.

Like all of Dr Sircus’s books, it is packed with deep substantiated research information on diabetes, and information on how not only type 2, but type 1 diabetes can be reversed using natural, drug-free approach and remedies – magnesium chloride (and other forms of magnesium), iodine, herbs, juices, raw foods, changes in mental attitudes, lifestyle, emotional make-up, and much much more.

The book will help not only those who are suffering from diabetes, but people with pre-diabetic conditions (a rapidly growing number of the world population). And even if you are free from diabetes and lead a healthy lifestyle, I am sure that you know a few people who could benefit from reading this book. Recommend it to them – it may save their lives. It is in an e-book format, so can be downloaded and read straight away. All the best!

Buy “New Paradigms in Diabetic Care”.

Links & Information:

1. Where can I buy magnesium products? – http://www.saltsclaysminerals.com

2. Learn more about and book Far Infrared Magnesium (and other minerals wrap treatments in London, UK http://www.purenaturecures.com

3. Learn more about and book the TRAINING (online and/or in person) to be able to do the treatment on yourself and customers – http://www.courses.purenaturecures.com

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