Magnesium Oil – Make Your Own

I am often asked a question: “How can I make my own magnesium oil? What would be the ratio of water to the flakes?”  Here is what my supplier who is a scientist says:

“The flakes are 47% magnesium chloride and about 50.5% water. A 33% solution means that there will be 33% magnesium chloride.  So, 100 grams of flakes (which contain 50.5 grams of water) will need an extra 42 grams of water (1g of water equals 1ml of water). The 47 grams of magnesium chloride will then be dissolved in 142 grams of solution, giving the 33% strength that is required. This can be scaled up to a convenient batch size – every kilogram of flakes
will require 420 grams of water to be added.”

Dry and sensitive skin types may react to such a highly concentrated solution, by getting dry and irritated. If this is the case, magnesium oil can be diluted with water even further, to make a solution suitable for the skin type.

This information does not refer to any particular supplier of magnesium oil or flakes so should not be used as an absolute source of advice and information. Your decisions are up to you. Some manufacturers of magnesium oil advise against making one’s own magnesium oil because according to them, it creates a sub-standard grade product (cloudy, sometimes of yellow colour due to non-hazardous by-products which form as a result of making flakes). While I can see their point and recommend using magnesium oil produced directly from the brine, it can be unaffordable for some people, which is the reason for this post. Manufacturers advise using flakes for baths, at 5% (or less) dilution.

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