Liver Detox Recipe from Russia

Liver Detox Recipe from RussiaMy sister had a very bad case of Hepatitis A when she was a little child. Her liver suffered a lot as a result of this dreadful illness, and ever since then, she has been unable to eat various foods, due to difficulties with processing fats and sugars. She goes to see the liver specialist regularly. One day a doctor she was seeing gave her a recipe for liver detox which she has been using ever since, with great results.

The procedure involves Epsom salt (magnesium sulphate, or magnesium sulfate), some warm water, lemon, and a hot water bottle.

She mixes 1 level tablespoon of Epsom salt with a glass of warm water (about 250ml) and drinks it early in the morning when still in bed. Sometimes she uses mineral water. In Russia, we have bottled mineral water which is very rich in magnesium sulphate salts, which I have been unable to find here. She has a hot water bottle ready, which she covers with a cloth to keep it warm but not hot, and places it on the liver area, while lying down on her right side. She stays in bed until she feels an urge to pass stool. Epsom salts relax the bile ducts, liver, intestines and promote peristalsis. A hot water bottle placed on the liver increases blood circulation in the liver/ gall bladder area.

The whole process is very powerful and cleansing for the whole body, not just the liver. But of course, the liver is the main recipient of this luxurious treatment. A glass of warm water with half a lemon after that works really well, promoting detoxification. My sister goes on without food, on lemon water, for the whole day. She repeats the process once every two weeks. Sometimes she does it every week. The result of this detoxification procedure is raised energy, feeling of lightness, clear mind, better skin. It can also be a great starting point for weight loss. A magnesium chloride bath (or Epsom salt bath) can be used to replenish magnesium in the body and promote the process of detoxification.

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